Event Data Artifact Registry Operations / Maintenance

Event Data Artifact Registry Operations / Maintenance

Versioned, immutable files

Artifacts are versioned files. They define the behaviour of Event Data. The official list of Artifacts is in the user guide. Each Artifact is given a label and a version. Artifacts are immutable, which means that one a given version has been uploaded, it should never change. Instead, a new Artifact is uploaded. When Agents request an Artifact, they always request the latest version. It will record each version in the Evidence Record and Evidence Logs.

Updating Artifacts

Use the Artifact Manager to update Artifacts. This is currently quite a manual process.

  • Download a latest copy of the Artifact in question:
    • Visit https://artifact.eventdata.crossref.org/a/artifacts.json
    • Find the desired Artifact entry in the JSON.
    • Click on the current-version-link, which will be a URL like https://artifact.eventdata.crossref.org/a/domain-decision-structure/versions/1536831537917, to download the file
    • Edit the file.
    • Using the Artifact Manager command-line tool, upload the file. It will apply a datestamp and send invalidation signal to CloudFront.