Internationalization of the Frontend Framework

Internationalization of the Frontend Framework

The Frontend Framework is internationalized using the Vuetify translation function t and the built-in locale handling.

New locales can be added by creating a new file locale.js (eg de.js) in src/locales. Use an existing locale as a template to include the necessary imports.

Add the locale to src/plugins/vuetify.js and edit src/components/LanguageMenu.vue to include the new locale in that component’s locales array.

The default locale is English, and the fallback for translation keys that don’t exist (are not translated) in the current locale is English.

To use the translation service within a component, target the Vuetify lang service, eg:

    {{ $vuetify.lang.t('$vuetify.language_menu_button') }}

To add translation strings, first add the new key and its English translation to the src/locales/en.js file. Then add the key to the locale files for which translations are available.