XML S3 Bucket Pusher

XML S3 Bucket Pusher

Area greenfield
Language Java
Description Tool to push XML clob/unixsd to S3 bucket
Quality No Sentry, no SONAR
Upstream services
Upstream data
Downstream data
  • org.crossref.qs.crmds.S3ClobPusher
Source Code

Running the tool

The tool needs to be built with the standard ant compile or ./bin/nbant compile on developer machine. It needs a default deployment property, and is set to use the developer myalter-1 property file (may need to revisit)

From standard developer environment, use the command line: bin/j --cp ./java/org/crossref/qs/crmds/ org.crossref.qs.crmds.S3ClobPusher to run the tool using all the defaults, for the entire DOI corpus.

Parameter options:

--endId # [default=0]
--startId # [default=500000000]
--awsSecretKey AWS_KEY
--awsAccessKey AWS_ACCESS_KEY

Parameters can be supplied immediately after the class to run: bin/j --cp ./java/org/crossref/qs/crmds/ org.crossref.qs.crmds.S3ClobPusher --startId 0 --endId 1000