SCOPUS journal subjects ingestion in REST API

SCOPUS journal subjects ingestion in REST API


ASJC classification codes

ASJC classification codes are ingested from a location configured as [:location :scopus-title-list]. It points to a XLSX file made available by Elsevier, which contains: 1) mapping ASJC codes to names, and 2) mapping journal ISSNs to ASJC codes. ASJC codes and names are read from this file and indexed in a subject ES index.

graph LR; elsevier(; ingest(Cayenne Task Ingest Subjects); index(Cayenne ES Subjects Index); elsevier-->|XLSX file|ingest; ingest-->index;

Updating journal subjects

The same XLSX file is also used to insert journal subjects into journal records in journal ES index. A separate function reads mappings ASJC code - ISSN from XLSX file, and uses data from previously populated subject ES index to insert the ASJC code and name into the journal record.

graph LR; elsevier(; ingest(Cayenne Task Update Journals Subjects); indexsubj(Cayenne ES Subjects Index); indexjourn(ES Journals Index); api(Cayenne /v1/journals); elsevier-->|XLSX file|ingest; indexsubj-->|ASJC name lookup|ingest; ingest-->indexjourn; indexjourn-->api;

Inserting journal subjects into works

During works ingestion, journal subjects are attached to works metadata based on journal ISSN. See