Member Info in REST API

Member Info in REST API

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Cayenne ingestion

graph LR; allmembers(All Members API); permember(Per-member API); cayenne/task/ingest-members(REST API Task
Ingest Members); cayenne/api/members(REST API
/v1/members); cayenne/es/members(REST API
ES Members Table); allmembers-->cayenne/task/ingest-members; permember-->cayenne/task/ingest-members; cayenne/task/ingest-members-->cayenne/es/members; cayenne/es/members-->cayenne/api/members;

Members are ingested from a location configured as [:upstream :prefix-info-url], currently

A call to is first made to obtain a full list of all members in JSON format. A member’s entry in this JSON file contains very basic information, including a list of member’s prefixes.

Then, for each prefix Cayenne calls<prefix> to obtain the information about the prefix in XML format, including the reference visibility. This information is added to the member’s record.

The members’ records are then indexed using Elasticsearch’s bulk API with a series of index actions.

Members are ingested once a day.