Bulk Title Update Tool

Bulk Title Update Tool

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This tool allows the processing of CSV files for bulk updating of book titles in the system.

The CSV file must follow these rules:

  • The first line must be a heading line.
  • The heading line must contain a new_title column.
  • The other headings may be:
    • pisbn
    • eisbn
    • old_title
    • bookciteid
    • doi At least one identifier must be included (bookcite, doi, or some isbn).
  • If multiple identifiers are included, the code will prefer bookciteid, then doi, then isbns.
  • Column order does not matter.
  • The code deals with misspelled title updates and main book title updating.

This can be run from a local directory by pulling a war file, deploying it and then running using the included script (bulkTitleUpdateTool.sh) and deployment property file (deployment-inf3-bulkTitleUpdateTool.properties).